‘Not Designed for Comfort’: IMELDA Discusses the ‘Tampon Tax’

Festival of Choice 2017

Press Release by Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. (Speaking of Ireland Making England the Legal Destination for Abortion), 13th April 2017

Not Designed for Comfort’: IMELDA Discusses the ‘Tampon Tax’

On Sunday 9th April 2017, the pro-choice direct-action feminist performance group, Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A., responded to the British government’s bequeathing of £250,000 of the so-called ‘tampon tax’ funds to anti-choice charity ‘Life.’ Staging an intervention by the sanitary product shelf in a Hackney Tesco store, the group demonstrated their outrage that money from the tampon tax was given to the biased anti-choice charity ‘Life’, which is ‘against abortion’ and perpetuates misinformation by wrongly linking abortion with breast cancer. In this action, Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. parody sanitary brand adverts to highlight the irony that taxes from these brands, which often market themselves on enabling women to be uninhibited by their reproductive biology, are being used to restrict reproductive autonomy.