RHUL Feminism Society

The principal aim of our society is to provide an inclusive environment that raises awareness of and campaigns for intersectional gender equality.

We also seek to:
– Smash the patriarchy
– Raise awareness of feminist issues on campus
– Implement NUS Women’s campaigns on campus
– Continue to be actively involved in and put forward motions for SURHUL General meetings
– Discuss and debate feminist issues in a safe-space
– Encourage members to actively work towards gender equality
– Revisit and raise awareness of Royal Holloway’s feminist history
– Engage and work with other feminist groups on campus, locally, and nationally
– Provide opportunities for members to develop as activists

Fem Soc holds weekly meetings to discuss and debate issues surrounding feminism. Our meetings thrive on the opinions and experiences of our members regardless of sex, gender, race, ability or sexual orientation. As a result, providing and maintaining an accessible safe-space is of paramount importance.

As a society we are working to create new opportunities for our members to develop their employability skills and to engage in activism. This includes use of our writing platforms and providing volunteering opportunities for all our members.

We fight to protect access to contraception and family planning services, so that anyone can make an informed and safe decision regarding their reproductive system. In the past we have successfully influenced our Student Union to adapt a zero tolerance stance on sexual harassment. In 2014, our #uglygirlsclub photo campaign unexpectedly attracted widespread media attention. The campaign began in response to a fellow student’s insult, who was overheard calling Fem Soc the “ugly girls club.” We hope to emulate our predecessors’ empowering campaigns and continue to inspire our community.

To keep in touch with RHUL Fem Soc you can contact us at rhulfeminism@gmail.com

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoyalHollowayFeminismSociety

Or follow us on twitter @RHUL_Fem_Soc

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