My Belly is Mine

My Belly is Mine was set up early this year by British prochoice activists to support Spanish women in their fight against the proposed reform to Spain’s current abortion law. Indeed, the campaign was born just days after the Spanish Justice Minister Alberto Ruíz Gallardón announced the “Draft Organic Law on the Protection of the life of the unborn and the rights of the pregnant woman”. This draft bill ensures abortion is illegal in except in very exceptional circumstances: in the case of rape, serious foetal deformity or if the pregnancy presents a serious mental or physical health risk to the mother. It is a law that 80% of Spaniards (and this includes Popular Party voters) do not support. It is a law which Amnesty International launched an urgent appeal to halt and which it describes as “discriminatory and retrogressive, and fl[ying] in the face of Spain’s international human rights obligations”.

My Belly is Mine campaigner protesting in the London Underground

My Belly is Mine campaigner protesting in the London Underground

My Belly is Mine has had a busy year: we have echoed the major protests in Spain against the law and teamed up with the Spanish Women’s Assembly and Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A to run an intense summer campaign intended to raise awareness of the draft bill and to increase international political pressure.

Every woman should be able to choose if she wants children, and when and with whom she has them. My Belly is Mine believes a woman’s complete control over her own body is the very foundation of women’s liberation and an important step to true equality. We stand in solidarity with women in Spain and defend their right to safe abortion. Check out our blog here.

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