HYSTERIA aims to combat the punishing patriarchal language by placing the feminised subjects on centre stage allowing them to showcase a spectrum of expression.

HYSTERIA strives to expose power relations and insists on the equality of all, through a continuous discussion on what equality entails, refusing to settle on a rigid definition.

julia m(1)

HYSTERIA is critical towards the notion of ‘safe space’ since ‘safe spaces’ only exist in the liberal illusion that veils the oppressive patriarchy. HYSTERIA strives to unsettle such illusions to shake the guise of normalcy that enables power structures to operate and thrive.

HYSTERIA believes that feminisms are of universal concern and not reserved for a selected few. Feminisms should be spread across discussions between all walks of life.

HYSTERIA harbours multiple streams of feminisms. This is a direct outcome of the webs of distinct and overlapping feminist narratives of struggles and oppresion.

HYSTERIA starkly opposes the belief-systems that have generated the fantasy of feminisms as properties and commodities and holds that these ideas reproduce marginalisation, deprivation and inequality.

Without hysterical solidarity we become deluded by the composure of patriarchy    

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