15M London Women’s Assembly

Protesting against Spain’s antiabortion bill at Tower Bridge

The 15M London Women’s Assembly is a woman only collective which arose from the London based 15M movement, a movement made up of Spanish economic migrants disenchanted and angry with the corruption and the economic and social outlook of their native country. The Women’s Assembly was formed two years ago and they meet periodically at the Barbican Centre. The Assembly is a space for feminist reflection, debate and dialogue.  It is a space in which women can listen, share and learn from the experience of other women. Topics they have discussed and organised workshops around include: gender, empowerment, sorority, female sexuality, queer theory etc.  But the Assembly is also made up of activists. Indeed this summer, the Assembly and Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. joined forces with British prochoice campaigners My Belly is Mine to protest against the impending antiabortion law in Spain. This is not the first time Spanish, Irish and British prochoice activists have come together. Indeed, there is a history of these three nationalities working together in London in the 80s, which we will be exploring in our event on Saturday 27th.

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