Festival of Choice 2017 excited to host the play ‘Mission Abort’

Festival of Choice 2017

Mission Abort by Therese Ramstedt

Written and performed by Therese Ramstedt 
Directed by Claire Stone
Produced by Courtenay Johnson

“Masterfully executed, Mission Abort tackles the taboo around abortion and makes the important point that it’s an issue that society should no longer be ashamed to address.” – Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, ★★★★

Pain! Shame! Confusion! Or… empowering freedom and a massive relief? 

Strong opinions on abortion legislation are voiced on a daily basis; Mission Abort challenges taboos by exploring a woman’s perspective on the actual experience – from discovering she is pregnant, to making the decision, following it through and getting on with life afterwards. Described by The Scotsman as “an honest and emotional journey which is necessarily bittersweet, this explosive one-woman play invites the audience along for a laugh-cry rollercoaster ride – asking the big question: how can a choice that is so right be so hard?

Following its acclaimed world premiere at the 70th Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Gilded Balloon’s Rose Theatre (2-28 August), Mission Abort returns to London for a special performance at the Festival of Choice 2017. 

Reviews from Edinburgh Fringe 2017

“Ramstedt’s performance is empowering in its complete faith in a woman’s right to choose, but it also effectively highlights the sad reality of abortion shaming in society […] Masterfully executed, Mission Abort tackles the taboo around abortion and makes the important point that it’s an issue that society should no longer be ashamed to address”|★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“…a very mature, honest, human take on the still largely taboo topic of abortion […] In equal measure tragic and humorous, Ramstedt lands a beautiful, powerful performance […] the script deftly tackles the question of contraception being a woman’s responsibility, the issues with free counselling, and the wider lack of discussion on the topic.”
★★★★ Fringe Guru

“Mission Abort is a courageous and deeply moving show […] Therese is no holding back in this production, and the stark portrayal of the experience makes it a poignant and meaningful show […] ”Overall, it was brilliantly acted and incredibly emotive.”
★★★★ Voice Magazine

“This is a skilful production that successfully imparts to its spectators the importance of discussing abortion, and argues that it is still an act not fully understood in today’s society […] Impressively, ‘Mission Abort’ navigates the important divide between the personal and the political”
★★★★ Ed Fringe Review 

***E.g. please note, for The Festival of Choice we are presenting a stripped back performance of Mission Abort ***


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