Words of Choice produces plays Reproductive Freedom is What We Want

Festival of Choice 2017

Words of Choice: Up the Creativity

Arts in Support of Reproductive Freedom, Health, Rights and Justice!

Reproductive Freedom is What We Want, a 30-minute collections of short theater pieces about reproductive health and rights, can now be accessed on SoundCloud.

The selections can be played from beginning to end, or individually, and can be accessed on SoundCloud, or from the links below.

The theater pieces feature performers Crista Marie Jackson, Julissa Roman and Claudia Schneider, under the direction of Francesca Mantani Arkus.

The original recording of the dramatic works was done by Words of Choice in collaboration with the International Women’s Artists Salon (IWAS), and its online radio program on the City World Radio Network. Heidi Russell is the founder of IWAS. Cindy Cooper of Words of Choice curated the selections.

The overall collection of nine works — poetry, comedy, short plays, spoken word, thought pieces — by a diverse group of writers can be played beginning to end on SoundCloud (embedded below)

Or the individual selections can be accessed on their own. They are:

1-“Incantation” by June Jordan — performed by Claudia Schneider, Crista Marie Jackson, and Julissa Roman.

2-“She Said: before 1973” (excerpted) by Judith Arcana, — performed by Julissa Roman, Claudia Schneider and Crista Marie Jackson.

3-“Nobody” (excerpted) by Esosa Edosomwan — performed by Crista Marie Jackson.
4-Fine Line,” from the Feminist Women’s Health Center — performed by Julissa Roman.

5-“You’re On Your Own” (a satire)by Michael David Quinn — performed by Crista Marie Jackson, Claudia Schneider and Julissa Roman.

6-“Parallel Lives” by Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney, intro by Angela Bonavoglia from “The Choices We Made” — performed by Claudia Schneider and Crista Marie Jackson.

7-“Siege” by Dr. Susan Wicklund, adapted from “This Common Secret” — performed by Claudia Schneider

8-“Laws I Want” by Cindy Cooper and Words of Choice, hat-tip to Charlotte Taft — performed by Julissa Roman, Claudia Schneider and Crista Marie Jackson.

9-“Why I March” by Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo-Wondich, Executive Director of Women’s for a change (Wfac)in Cameroon — performed by Crista Marie Jackson, Julissa Roman and Claudia Schneider.

Special thanks to Jeremy Rishe for sound editing and creating SoundCloud versions of the radio performance.

Read the blog here: wordsofchoice.blogspot.co.uk/plays

Visit the Words of Choice blog here: https://wordsofchoice.blogspot.co.uk

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