Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion

Festival of Choice 2015

28 September imagen

Today is the day to speak up for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, for Womens Rights, for the DECRIMINALISATION OF ABORTION.

The best place to make visible our demands is on public spaces, on the street. Join us for a street action in Central London on 28th September at 6pm.

September 28, is the Global Day of Action for the Decriminalisation of Abortion, the reason behind the whole Festival of Choice. To end the Festival, we would like to raise as many voices as we can, to remind everyone that abortion is a right, not a crime; that every woman is owed the right to choose over her own destiny, and that it is her, not the state, not the church, nor society, who must have the last word over her own body.
Our meeting point is the Nelson Mandela statue in the Southbank Centre, at 6pm. If you can, wear red (but if you cannot, come around anyway!). And bring your banners!
We’re planning to mimic the actions of the Peruvian pro-choice group “Déjala Decidir” (Let her decide). Come after work, uni, or get moving on your day off, and spread the word!

***WEAR RED***: Alfombra Roja / Red Carpet is a symbolic act where we politicise the body, occupying public spaces in demands for our sexual and reproductive rights.
Red (symbol for blood and Peruvian Flag) also seeks to draw attention to the consequences this law has on the lives of women as, for example, increased Maternal Mortality due to unsafe abortions.

“Let’s call for a Red Carpet so they don’t step on our rights”

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