Campaigning against oppression: A day of workshops

Festival of Choice 2015

imagen domingo evento

An exciting and original day of workshops at The Field.

  • 11.30am Welcome and presentation
  • 12pm Theatre of the oppressed workshop by Raul Quiros.

Take part at this Theatre of the Oppressed experience with a taster session focusing on abortion: what it means to have access to and to use this right, and the impact of governments and societies regulating this right and banning it.

Anyone can join the session. Please, bring comfortable clothes. It will consist in two parts: drama exercises and image/forum theatre. It’s a fun, safe and comfy place to explore political issues and there´s no study or preparation needed ahead.

  • 2pm Community lunch – Bring food and drinks to share!
  • 4pm Debate + DIY session on Campaigns by pro-choice activists

This is a free event but donations are welcome as The Field is a collaboratively and self managed run community space.

Facebook event 
How to get there?

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