Tactics to counteract the anti-choice // Discussion and documentary

Festival of Choice 2015

FF protest

The screening of 12th and Delaware will be follow by a discussion brought by Feminist Fightback!

“12th and Delaware” is a documentary revolving around a ‘pregnancy care centre’ set up across the road from an abortion clinic in suburban Florida. Pregnancy care centres/crisis centres are unregulated clinics set up to look like providers of medical advice for pregnant women, with the aim of convincing them not to access abortion. They are widespread across the US, and are on the rise in the UK. Director Heidi Ewing has referred to them as ‘the number one tactic of the pro-life movement’.

This installation of film club follows on from our discussion on tactics for countering rising anti-choice activism. We hope to continue conversations started there following the film, and welcome new thoughts and contributions to move forward with. In order to illustrate past pro-choice Feminist Fightback’s actions, we will also show some clips of anti-abortionist videos of their action.

Join us on 23th September at MayDay Rooms at 7pm.

Facebook event

How to get there?

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