HYSTERIA: Why We Are Part of the Festival of Choice

Festival of Choice 2014

HYSTERIA is a feminist magazine, founded by students of SOAS and launched in January, consisting of art, articles and poetry that approach issues from a feminist view.

The objective of the journal is to create a platform for feminists to shed light on important struggles around the world, and discuss issues from a feminist perspective. the journal includes as many radical feminist approaches as possible, e.g. Marxist feminism, post-colonial feminism and queer feminism.

julia m(1)

We are very pleased to announce that HYSTERIA are organising the Festival’s opening event at The Peckham Pelican on Tuesday 23rd of September. HYSTERIA explain their reasons for participating in the Festival of Choice:

HYSTERIA advocates for women’s legal right to safe abortion without shame or judgement. We criticise and oppose the structures that hinder women feeling empowered to make choices about their bodies. During the Festival of Choice, HYSTERIA will explore what the female body is for, if/when children are not for one’s body, and the consequences of such choices. We will look at how religion and race impact the pro-choice conversation, and bring to the foreground a myriad of voices, opinions and backgrounds to enrich the pro-choice debate.

Through performance and discussion, we will delve deeper into the emotional stigmas surrounding abortion and its consequences internationally. We seek to examine how fertility is linked to our own sexuality and feelings of attractiveness, to explore the ways in which relationships with our mothers affect our own feelings about pregnancy, childbirth and abortion, as well as to address our knowledge of, and (dis)comfort with, our own so called sexual anatomy. HYSTERIA confronts, opens, indulges and gets lost in the grey areas surrounding abortion and what it means.

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